• Furniture Market

    Furniture Market

    Lecong furniture kingdom —The largest furniture distribution center in the world。 There are tens of thousands of furniture products from all over China, dining room furniture ,bedroom furniture, living room furniture, outdoor furniture, hotel furniture Office furniture, all kinds of home accessories [...]
  • Ceramic tile & Sanitary ware Market

    Ceramic tile & Sanitary ware Market

    Foshan is the largest wholesale and sale center of ceramic tile and sanitary ware in the world. Here is a collection of ceramic tile, Wall tile, mosaic, foot line ceiling, etc., all kinds of floor tiles, ceramic toilet, Ceramic washbasin, Ceramic bathtub, Shower room, faucet, shower, etc. various bathroom plumbing equipment. [...]
  • Kitchen Cabinet & Lighting Market

    Kitchen Cabinet & Lighting Market

    Foshan Shunde Lecong kitchen cabinet and lighting market is located near Lecong Furniture City, next to Lecong bus station. Here is a collection of China's most famous kitchen cabinet suppliers, Oppein home kitchencabinets and other brands. We can customize kitchen cabinet combinations of different specifications according to customer's requirements.There are also many lighting suppliers here, where you can choose different styles of lighting you want. [...]
  • Hotel Supplies

    Hotel Supplies

    Guangzhou Panyu Shaxi hotel supplies City, which brings together all the hotel kitchen products, if you want to buy kitchen utensils for your hotel, you can buy anything you want and cheap here: tableware: ceramic dishes, stainless steel knives and forks, glass, glass cup kitchen supplies: pot. The stove, the cooker, the soup pot, the ice cream machine, the ice shaving machine, the ice maker, the oven, the refrigerator, the water heater, the freezer and so on. [...]
  • Export Solutions

    Export Solutions

    Scouring Agent: Furniture ,Ceramic Tile&Sanitary Ware,Kitchen Cupboard,Hotel Supplies,Lighting.Shipping Agent: Shipping, Air Freight Loading Container, Warehouse, Customs Declaration. Free Business Services: Airport Pick Up ,Book Hotel,Translation,Examine Goods [...]

chinese carpets and rugs

Empire Furniture Market
You can find all kinds of carpets you want in the Lecong furniture market. The price is very cheap and the quality is very good.

Ceramic Tiles & Sanitary Ware Scouring Agent

Hotel Supplies Scouring Agent

Kitchen Cabinet & Lighting Scouring Agent