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There are all kinds of table dining chairs to choose from. There are marble tables, European table, real wood table, American table and Chinese table, outdoor rattan table and so on. You can find it in Lecong furniture city.

How to choose a good table
Table is our necessities of life, all kinds of styles and styles are intoxicating.
The benefits to people are: natural, environmental protection, novel modeling and diverse styles.

Disadvantages: it is not easy to maintain and clean, easy to damp.
First of all, learn some basic information about the table
The table can be divided into solid wood table, steel wood table, marble table.
According to the material, it can be divided into solid wood table, steel wood table, marble table.
It can be divided into round table, rectangular table, square dining table and polygonal dining table according to its shape.
Round table: the most suitable for general family use, because it has a friendly effect, and a symbol of each other no identity of the high and low boundaries. A family is easy to communicate and communicate with each other.
Rectangular dining table: mostly used by families rich in or above, or restricted by the size of dining rooms inside the houses.
Square dining table: generally few people use it, some of them will be merged into one because of other special purposes, for example, mahjong table and dining table.
Polygonal dining table: this will only appear in some special accommodation area, but also can be said to be extremely rare.
How to choose a good table

Select according to the material:
As far as the table and desktop material is concerned, most of it is wood based, warm and thick texture. It is a good choice for people who wish to create a warm and fresh feeling of home.
The wooden table can also be divided into:
Solid wood and dense plate. The former shows natural wood grain and thick texture, adds natural flavor to home, and makes carvings, carvings, dyeing and other processing; and the dense plate is made of real wood, not only the natural wood of the wood, but also the smooth surface, but the table edge can not do the special effect by other ways. Other materials include metal, glass, marble or beauty resistant board, which are cold, transparent or elegant. They can be selected according to their tastes and needs. But no matter what material the desktop is made, the foot of the table is made of solid wood or steel pipe, with a certain degree of bearing capacity.

Select the area according to the area of the dining area.
If the house is large and there is an independent restaurant, it can choose the rich and heavy feeling table to match the space. If the dining room is limited and the number of meals is not sure, we can choose the most common style in the current market, the telescopic table, and the many folding table in the market is suitable for selection. Especially in IKEA, there are many such tables, which are fashionable and economical, and the price is very cheap. If you have an old style table of real wood, you can move it into a new home if you have an old style table with a solid wood. As long as you have a tablecloth harmonization with the color and decoration on it, there is no elegance.

Select according to the shape:
The size of the table, the size of the table and the size of the dining space are related.
A small or closed restaurant can choose a small dining table with a width of about 120 x 80 cm. If you have a wider open or semi open restaurant with a sense of vision, a 160 * 80 cm middle table can meet the needs of this kind of space. If the villa type large family, there are 2 meters long or 3 meters table for choice. Dining table of different shapes, besides modeling and visual changes, it is also related to the spacious or not. Rectangular restaurant, because of reliable wall display, save more space, suitable for small flat number of households, but the shape is more rigid. The oval shapes the sharp four table legs to improve the visual effect of the square rule, but occupies more space than the round table.

Choose by style:
The dining table should choose the style corresponding to the room decoration style, the dining room and the room’s overall style fit the room if the bedroom is luxurious, then the table should choose the corresponding style, such as the classical style of European style. If the bedroom style emphasizes succinct, it can consider buying a simple and generous style of glass table. In short, any furniture in the home can not be “one pie”, but should match the style of the bedroom.

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