Foshan Furniture Manufacturing Material Leather

The leather zone is mainly located in Asia International B Zone, focusing on B1-B6 rows. Currently, there are more than 200 merchants operating in the leather industry. The common types of leather include leather, suede, pearl leather, rubbed leather, decorative leather, PU, ​​and PVC. and many more. Merchants are welcome to visit and purchase!

Shengrong Artificial Leather B1-01、02 High-end Xipi, imitation leather, fabric, leather with leather, office furniture leather, bedside leather, sofa leather, steel wood chair fabric leather, vehicle seat leather
Aker (Guangzhou) Trading Co., Ltd. B1-03, 05 Trading Company
Ying Jin Trade Development Co., Ltd./ Yi Lang Advertising Plan B1-06 Corporate Brand Planning, Web Page Making, Gifts, Calendar, Photo Album
昊祺Leather B1-07 All kinds of sofa skin, swivel chair skin, seat cover skin, recycled leather, glove skin (cattle, buffalo, pigskin, first floor, second floor)
Huayang Fabric B1-12 Sofa Fabric, Upholstery Fabric, Engineering Fabric, Flocking Fabric
Baoxin Leather Co., Ltd. B1-13、15 Sofa leather, decorative leather, sliding door leather
Moo leather B1-16 leather
Longchang B1-17 decorative leather, oil wax leather, sofa leather
Zhengda B1-18 leather, leather, sofa, pearl leather
Zhongxin leather B1-19, 20 S series thick leather, pearl leather
Jiali Leather B1-21, 22 Joint venture leather, yellow leather, buffalo leather, oil wax skin, medium thick skin, hand rubbing skin, black skin, various color skins
Xinlong down B1-23 pure white duck piece / velvet piece / velvet, gray goose film / velvet piece / velvet, Pu white duck piece / velvet piece / down, duvet / feather mattress
Long overflow leather B1-25 faux leather, decorative leather, embroidered leather
Ke De Simulation Leather B1-26 Hotel Villa Furniture, Interior Decoration, Wardrobe Sliding Doors, Decorative Leather for Various Decoration Applications
Kanggao leather B1-27, 28 imitation head layer, imitation second layer, microfiber leather, cipri, imitation leather, decorative leather, automotive leather, shoe leather, etc.
Fusi leather B1-29 high-quality super-fiber leather, imitation super-fiber leather, PU green leather, PVC xipi, imitation leather, pearl spray leather and other trendy special sofa leather, leather upholstery, swivel chair leather, bedside decoration, etc.
Flat leather B1-30 leather with leather, sofa leather, decorative leather
Yingfeng leather B1-31 with leather, leather
Foshan Yunlong Leather Industrial Co., Ltd. B1-32 High-grade PU/PVC, Sofa Leather, Decorative Leather
Yinhua Leather B1-33 decorative leather, Haibao Qingpi
Super Asian leather B1-35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 50 decorative leather, Haibao Qingpi
Kunchen artificial leather B2-01, 02 Xipi, imitation leather, fabric, leather with leather, office furniture leather, bedside leather, sofa leather, steel wood chair fabric leather, vehicle cushion leather, hotel, KTV, door industry, home High-grade decorative leather
Bao Chenglong suede line B2-03, 05 pearl skin, the first layer of leather, monochrome leather
Watson Leather B2-06, 07 Leather, Leather
Long Depiye B2-08, 09 yellow leather, full green, half green, hand rubbing, medium thick leather
Jude leather B2-10 half-skin, pearl leather, embossed leather, etc.
Home Special skin B2-11 Cattle, two layers of leather, the first layer of skin
Wei Wei B2-12 wholesale and retail sofa leather
Zhibo Leather B2-13 Leather
Northland Leather Line B2-15 imported double-colored top layer leather, two-layer leather, various office leather, two-layer leather
Spring Morning Leather B2-16 Decorative Leather, Pearlized Leather, Medium Thick Leather
Wenpi Hall B2-17、18、19、20 Fur, pearl skin, first layer, medium thick leather
Rich Leather Leather B2-21, 22 PU, PVC Furniture Leather (Environmental Leather, Xipi, Faux Leather, Dining Chair Leather) Handbag leather, cushion leather, film, non-woven fabric series, artificial leather change color
B2-23 Buffalo, Cattle, First Layer, Genuine Leather
Leather Leather B2-25, 26 Monochrome, Medium Thick, Pearlescent, Lapa
Zhicheng Leather B2-27、28 Sofa leather, flower skin, pearl leather
垚新皮行 B2-29 tan leather, pearl leather, colored leather, medium thick leather, rustling leather, rubbed leather
Jin Yisheng leather B2-30、31 Office special leather, colored furniture leather
璞玉皮 B2-32 牛牛面皮, buffalo 皮皮, 牛牛二层, 珠珠皮, 沙发皮, 办公黑皮, 彩皮
嘉阔皮行 B2-33 Pearl leather, two-tone leather, colored leather, black leather, flower leather, etc.
Shengxiang Leather Line B2-35 wholesale/retail/OEM, first layer, second layer, thick skin, black skin, colorful skin, flower skin
Hua Hui Pi B2-36, 37 leather first floor, office furniture, sofas, soft beds, etc.
Yiyuan Leather B2-38 The first layer of thick leather
Jue Xuan leather B2-39, 50 high-grade leather, first layer leather, all green, semi-green, second layer, ultra-fiber, fur, and OEM
Leather goods B3-01, 02, 03 decorative leather, embossed, monochrome leather, the first layer of leather, second skin
Sony Leather B3-05, 06 The first layer of pearl leather series, Korean leather series (simulation leather), high-grade decorative leather, PU, ​​semi-PU, Xipi soft bed, flower leather series
Asian New Leather B3-07, 08 first layer, second layer leather, leather series
Dongfengxuan B3-09、10 Cattle thin skin, medium thick skin, special thick skin, embossed skin, half green skin, all green skin, matte skin, imitation sand skin, oil wax skin, imitation oil wax skin
Fang Jin Leather B3-11, 12 various black leather, color leather, thick large two-story
Honggui Leather B3-13, 15 first layer pearl leather, monochrome thin skin, flower skin, medium thick skin, second layer thick skin, fur
Li Quan Leather B3-16, 17 Pearl Leather, Genuine Leather
Huwei Leather Line B3-18 Leather
Good luck to leather B3-19, 20 imitation green leather, imitation leather, microfiber, cipri, imitation leather (widely used in sofas, office swivel chairs, hotel entertainment venues furniture, etc.)
Fly into the skin B3-21, 22 first skin, second skin, thick skin, thin skin, black skin, color skin
To Bin Pei B3-23 Office black leather, monochrome thin skin, full green skin, half green skin, medium thick skin, pearl skin, second skin and other leather
Xuan Long Leather Co., Ltd. B3-25 wholesale and retail first layer, second layer, thick leather
Military City Leather B3-26,27 Full-grain face wrinkle, hand rubbing series, medium-thick embossing, wrinkle-cut series, semi-clear noodles, thin skin embossed, wax skin, fur
St. Dimensional Leather B3-28, 29 First Layer Leather, Pearlized Leather
Spike Silver Leather B3-30, 31, 32 Leather
Ruilong Leather B3-33 leather, pigskin, sofa, first layer, oil wax, wrinkle, embossed
Fetion leather line B3-35, 36 yellow leather, pearl skin, color skin, medium thick skin, sanding skin, rub skin
Bull Leather B3-37 Slim, Medium Thick, Thin Leather, Thick Leather
Xinhengte Pixing B3-38 imported yellow leather, buffalo leather, wrinkle, monochrome, two-color, pearl skin, flower skin, all kinds of domestic first layer of thin skin
Taiyang Leather B3-39, 50 first layer, medium thick skin, pearl skin, first layer, second layer, monochrome leather
Baoli new leather B5-01 Oupi, nano leather, microfiber simulation leather, anti-fouling leather, PVC all kinds of leather, furniture, bags, car seat leather
Kyoho Line B5-02 imported leather, medium thick leather, embossed leather, wrinkled leather
Buffalo leather industry B5-03, 05 leather, leather, embossed leather, medium leather
Dali (Bao Lun) leather B5-06 various yellow cattle skin
One meter leather B5-07, 08 leather, first layer, yellow leather
Aorfoy leather line B5-09, 10 color thick leather, dough, black, color, thin skin
World Fair Leather B5-1, 12 Cattle head, second skin, leather, sofa skin
Ruixin Leather B5-13,15,16,17,18 first layer, second layer leather, professional sofa, bedside furniture leather
Ninergy Leather Co., Ltd. B5-19,20 to B6-58,59,60 top layer leather, medium thickness leather, hand-rubbing leather, classic two-color oil skin, pearl leather, oil wax leather
Bain Microfiber B5-21, 22 artificial leather, water kneading monochrome microfiber leather, pearl leather, printed leather, imitation leather, decorative leather, PU leather and other sofa leather
豊麒Leather B5-23 First layer, medium thickness, yellow leather, buffalo leather
Shuangying Leather B5-25,26 yellow leather, first layer leather, decorative leather
Au Saint Leather B5-27 Thick Leather, Yellow Leather, Buffalo Leather, Fur
Tianshuaipihang B5-28 Layer 2, Foil, Flower, Double Skin, Monochrome Skin
Highland skin B5-29 Cattle, buffalo leather
Chig Leather B5-30, 31 Monochrome leather, flower leather, pearl leather, fur, green leather, medium thick leather, wrinkle leather
Fuming Leather B5-32 Cattle head, fur, medium thick leather, pearl leather
Gore B5-33 buffalo, yellow leather, colored black leather, pearl leather, oil wax, all kinds of high-grade leather
Boyuan Leather B5-35, 36 Sofa Leather, Medium Thick Leather, Wax Skin
Zhanxuan Leather B5-37 first layer, medium thick leather, green leather
Qin billion leather line B5-38 high-grade yellow leather, buffalo leather, office sofa, soft bed, black leather, colorful leather, flower leather
Yijialin Leather B5-39,50 Genuine Leather, Medium Thick Leather, Thin Leather, Joint Venture Leather, Imported Leather
St. Barthelemy B6-01 Genuine Leather, Fur, Full Blue, Pearlized Leather, Monochrome Leather, Italian Leather
Wan Yipi line B6-02, 03 medium thick leather, second skin
Shunhe Leather B6-05, 06 black leather, rub skin, full green, half green, roll cover
Jiahe Leather Line B6-07 Office Leather
Extensive Skin Leather B6-08 Office Leather, Black, Color, First Layer, Second Floor
Gao Jipi line B6-09 Office black leather, monochrome thin leather, full green leather, half green leather, medium thick leather, pearl leather, second layer leather and other leather
Xinwang skin line B6-10, 11 leather, imported leather, joint venture leather, domestic leather, PUC
Haoyu Leather B6-12, 13 Series Sofa Series
Fulong Leather B6-15, 16 Sofa Leather, Car Seat Leather
Fuenpihang B6-17, 18 Main pearl layer leather, thin skin, medium thick skin, full green skin, half green skin, embossed skin, oil wax skin, matte skin, natural fall, yellow leather and so on.
Dexin Leather Co., Ltd. B6-19, 20 medium-thick leather, hand-rubbed bi-color, cowhide leather, leather
Section A Microfiber B6-21,22,23,25 Microfiber skin, environmental protection skin, imitation leather (with leather), Xipi, water-based ecological microfiber
Thousands of color leather B6-26,27 high-grade yellow leather, black leather, colorful leather, flower leather
Super Xin leather line B6-28 sofa leather, yellow leather, buffalo leather, swivel chair black leather, color two skin, leather
Hongshi Leather B6-29, 30 High-grade color leather, black leather, oil wax leather, full green leather, medium thick leather
Xincheng Leather B6-31 Office first layer, second layer, embossed leather, wrought leather
Huaxin leather B6-32, 33 yellow cattle head skin, all kinds of furniture skins
Jinwangpi Line B6-35 First layer, yellow cattle, buffalo head layer
Jinhao Leather Co., Ltd. B6-36, 37 Joint Venture Paper, Leather Strip, Embossed Leather, Pearlized Leather, Bedding Leather, Full Green Leather
Bo Xin Pi B6-38, B6-75 first layer, yellow cattle, buffalo leather, sofa leather, automotive leather, second layer wet, dry, coated leather, pigskin, sofa leather, gloves leather, luggage leather, car Leather
Xinfuxuan skin line B6-39 buffalo, yellow cattle, joint venture full grain, semi-green wrinkle, oil dough, wax hand rub, medium thick, thin skin embossed, pearl, flower skin, color
Heli artificial leather B6-50, 51 Microfiber leather, imitation microfiber leather, environmental protection leather, Xipi, decorative leather, imitation leather
Island Microfiber B6-52, 53 Microfiber leather series, suitable for furniture, sofas, swivel chairs, sporting goods, clothing, bags, handbags, car interior decoration, etc.
Lee brand Microfiber B6-55,56,57 Microfiber leather
Follow the skin line B6-61 various high-end cattle head, black, color skin
Huatong Tongpi B6-62 black, medium thick, full blue, half green, bed scalp
Taihua Leather Line B6-63 Color Thin Leather, Black Leather, Pearlized Leather, Monochrome Embossed Leather, Leather Strip, Medium Thick Leather
Yang Dong Pei B6-65, 66, 67 sofa leather (yellow leather, buffalo leather), domestic leather, joint venture leather, imported leather
Teng Rong Leather B6-68,69 Leather
Dong Xuan Pi B6-70,71 high-grade yellow leather, buffalo leather, all kinds of imported leather, leather joint venture
正天皮革 B6-72 头皮,二皮,厚皮,黑皮,彩皮,花皮
Sanwen leather B6-73 thick leather, color leather, black leather, imported leather, car leather, imitation leather, leather
Beiqin leather B6-76 leather, pearl leather, imitation leather
Ruihao Leather B6-77、78 The first layer of leather, imitation leather, cyan leather, monochrome leather, pearl leather, medium leather, fur
Foam plastic packaging B6-79, 80, 81 Foam, pearl cotton, bubble film, plastic film and other packaging materials
Xin Ruipi line B7-01, 02 yellow leather, thick skin, medium thick skin, hand rub skin, black skin, various color skin
Haige Engineering Furniture Co., Ltd. B7-03 Hotel / KTV / Clubhouse / Villa / Studio / Model House and Decorative Accessories
Guangshuo Rubber & Plastic Products Co., Ltd. B7-05 Edge banding, rolling door series, hospital support, automotive rubber banding, aluminum sheet metal glass tanks and various Phnom Penh articles
Hong Kong Warehouse Soft Furniture Material Firm B7-06 Soft Furniture Accessories, Packaging Materials, Class Chair Accessories, Non-Woven Fabrics, Elastic Bands, Cleansing Products, Compound Pearl Cotton Bags
Llong Chair B7-07 Hotels, Restaurants, and Chairs
Eurasian Leather B7-08 Leather
Stone Hardware Factory B7-09 Function Headrest Hinges
Kenda Hardware B7-10 negotiate gantry, western restaurant pedestal, office desk pedestal, gantry, meeting lift foot, gantry
Straight wood frame B7-11 Wooden frame, furniture material
Nanhua furniture B7-12 KTV hotel supporting furniture, KTV hotel sofa racks, sofas, coffee table, dining chair, entrance console and other ancillary projects
Syrian Strong (Shun Wei Tai) Pneumatic Rod Factory B7-13 Pneumatic Rod, Gas Spring, Five-Star Hardware
Foshan Ferguson wooden frame B7-15 high-end European sofa frame
Zhongjia Leather B7-16 sofa accessories, rubber band, side belt, desiccant, down
New Parts B7-17 PP Handrails, Chassis, Rubber Edges
Hualian Furniture Material B7-18 Gun nails, non-woven fabrics, cloth, springs, elastics, magic cloth, spray cotton, glue, hardware tools, sofa hardware accessories, sofa cleaning products, open-mold paper, doll cotton
Spilled leather B7-19,20 Microfiber leather, artificial leather
Guolin Leather B7-21, 22, 23 Pearl leather, genuine leather, top layer leather, yellow leather
Miley Leather B7-25 Leather
Xiang Jue wooden frame B7-26 European furniture wooden frame, sofa wooden frame, handrail
Jiajia Plastic Factory B7-27 Phnom Penh, Silver Edge, Automobile Glue, Motorcycle Rubber, Aluminum Sealant and other decorative materials
Huishi Hardware Factory B7-28 Hotel Hardware Accessories, Coffee Table Dining Table Feet Series, Five Star Feet Series, Office Hardware Accessories
利匡螺丝总汇 B7-29 Fiberboard nails, tapping screws, all kinds of machine wires, hex nuts, flange nuts, locknuts, four-claw nuts, zinc alloy conical nuts, flat washer springs, hexagon socket countersunk head screws
US-Hong Kong Deli office furniture accessories B7-30 Office furniture accessories, armrests, wooden frame, chair frame, sofa frame, small handrails, solid wood bed head



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