How do furniture mouldy do several tricks to make furniture mouldy

The cold and humid weather in the south is very common. Back to the south, even the tiles of the walls are wet. The wooden sofa in a lot of people will be mouldy. The original good sofa gives out the peculiar smell and makes people feel very bad.
How to deal with furniture moldy? Home furniture moldy cleaning and Maintenance Tips
Fungal molds are already infected with mouldy furniture, so after mildew is removed, new molds will grow. If the surface of the wood is not painted, you can erase the mildew, and then use the Grey Mildew Inhibitor to deal with it. If the area is large, it is better to use the concentrated solution of their home. After killing the mold spore, the mold will not be repeated again and again.

Dehumidifier, mildew resistant and antiseptic curtains
Steps / methods
Dehumidifier and mould proof products must have some mould cleaning or dehumidifying agents. They can remove dampness and mildew at any time and anywhere. For example, a box of dehumidifiers can be placed in wardrobe and drawers to keep clothes dry. In addition, it can also use many effective disinfectant and mould proof agents in walls, floors, bathrooms, and so on. It is easy to clean and sterilize.
The deodorizing towel is laid in the cabinet in advance. It can be used in the cupboard. It can eliminate mildew and other odor. It can also be used to resist completion. Many kinds of design can be used for decoration.
Anti mildew and antibacterial curtains are now mildew proof and new tricks, replace the mildew resistant curtains! The curtain itself is the antibacterial and bacteriostasis effect, the interior white yarn design, both health and home beauty. The paint brushes with special antibacterial and mildew proof formula are used to brush home walls, which can effectively prevent fungi from germinating and antagonism bacteria to grow, and make dirt difficult to adhere to, and resist scrubbing. It is suitable for bathroom and kitchen, basement wall surface easily humid and other places.
Negative ions, fresh air and negative ions are vitamins in the air, which protect the air from freshness. The use of negative ion and photocatalyst two in one function desk lamp makes the family more healthy regardless of reading or working. The climatic change of Taiwan climate is obvious in Taiwan. The selection of dehumidifier should choose the suitable temperature 5 C ~35 dehumidifier B dehumidifier, and can also be used to dry clothes and count. In addition, the air cleaner with photocatalyst function can sterilize and deodorize and keep the indoor air fresh.

Removal of furniture mold method:
1, use a strip of alcohol to wipe up the alcohol.
2, use the disinfectant, but the disinfectant irritates the skin, so you must wear rubber gloves before cleaning.
3, regular waxing for furniture, every 6-12 months, with special furniture paste wax for furniture on a layer of wax can remove mildew, prevent moldy.
4, clean with a clean soft cloth dipped in neutral detergent or furniture cleaning agent, then gently apply a layer of furniture wax or furniture essential oil in the mouldy part, and put a soap or a gauze bag filled with dried tea residue in a mildew – flavored place, and help to eliminate the taste.

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