Nanhua furniture direct sales center

Lecong Nanhua Furniture Wholesale Market is a prime location in Lecong International Furniture Wholesale Market. It brings together the latest furniture wholesale centers from the cheapest styles in China. Thousands of domestic and international customers come here to buy furniture every day. Every year, various furniture fairs are held here.
Office chair (staff chair, conference chair), desk (conference desk, deck, boss table, desk), bookcase, filing cabinet, safe

Living room furniture: sofa (leather sofa, fabric sofa, various style sofas (modern European light luxury American), coffee table, TV cabinet, wine cabinet, lounge chair

Bedroom Furniture:
Bed, bedside table, wardrobe, dressing table, vanity mirror, mattress, latex pillow,

Restaurant furniture:
Dining table, dining chair, sideboard, dining car

outdoor furniture:
Outdoor hanging basket, rattan table and chair, rattan sofa, umbrella, swing, garden pavilion, landscape sculpture

Children’s furniture:
Children’s suite, children’s bed, children’s desk, crib

hotel furniture

Other accessories:


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