Tuanyi office Furniture Market

Lecong tuanyi international furniture city is located in the 325 National Road section of Lecong Town, Shunde District, Foshan, which is located at the intersection of the Foshan one ring road and the 325 national road. It is the main artery of the gold treasure, which is the only way to gather wealth. The center has a building area of nearly more than 100000 square meters, of which 30000 square meters are the top furniture exhibition sites of the group. 60000 square meters for Lecong Furniture Exhibition Center, the city has large sofa, office, mahogany special and a number of comprehensive stores, “big and full, full and special” special features, the overall planning is reasonable, set orderly, can provide the maximum convenience for customers to compare and purchase. All kinds of furniture, variety and variety, high-grade high-grade, low price of consumption, burst group billion “people-oriented, customer first” business philosophy.
In the International Furniture City, it provides consulting, translation, facsimile copy, complaint acceptance, standard parking space, a well-trained security team, and efficient and responsible managers to carry out the implementation of the “people-oriented, customer first” management concept to ensure that the business and customers enjoy a million billion. High quality and perfect supporting service.
China tuanyi international furniture city has superior geographical location, first-class facilities, first-class service, choice of regiment billion, no resistance to the four golden reasons: it has a brilliant course of twenty years of development, group management, strong strength; it is located in an important transportation hub, the only way to buy furniture merchants; it and top of the top family Private brand – imperial family furniture, red star massif, strong joint, casting large brand base; it has carried out a large scale brand new reconstruction and reconstruction project, the great style built a famous furniture Expo City, the brand new international furniture city not only attracted a large number of foreign businessmen, but also led the surrounding area. The prosperity of the economy can be seen as a reunion of people and billions of business opportunities.
The accumulation of strong strength in the past twenty years has injected fresh blood into the innovation and development, and emanates the charm of family style. After 10 years of unremitting efforts, the international furniture city of the group has laid a solid foundation from all fields of fame, strength, management quality and industry status. Geographical location, combined with the new business city of the company’s new style of facade transformation project, with the commercial city first-class perfect supporting services and star management, tuanyi international furniture city is bound to become a big brand of famous brand merchants, and become the new focus of future merchants.

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